Your Solar PV Installation

At Eden Power we’d like to enlighten you on the process and how easy it is to install a Solar PV system. Many people are still unaware of the simplicity involved in solar panel installation. The thought that the process might be intrusive or that their homes are unsuitable is denying many consumers access a to free, clean and unlimited source of energy.

What’s Involved?
The first step is for us to visit your home and carry out a solar panel survey assessment to review the suitability of your home for solar roof panels. In most cases, solar installations can be configured to fit virtually any roof. However, in the event that your roof is unsuitable, we can present you with other options such as free-standing mounting systems that can be positioned in your garden as an alternative and if suitable.

Our team of PV installers will visit your home again ready to set up the scaffolding and fix the panels safely to your roof. Once that is complete we will go about installing an inverter and wiring the whole system into your mains.

What next?
More and more homes in the Mid West are subscribing to the great idea of photovoltaic energy, which is why we’ve based ourselves in Shrewsbury, Ludlow, and Shropshire. The solar PV panels we supply are completely maintenance free, again reducing your annual expenditure and saving you money in the longer term. You now need to tie up with your electricity supplier which we can inform you of and start to earn and save immediately. Some simple principles on using your electricity in the home can also help you gain even more savings and income!

Planning permission
Most homes will NOT require planning permission however we advise all our customers to obtain clarification from their local planning department.

Contact us today for further solar panel installation details on 01743 861004 or 07832977037.