Domestic PV

Eden Power Ltd are experts in Photovoltaic energy systems, this technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of cheap, green energy available to householders in the UK. With Energy prices rising we are seeing energy costs soar. Photovoltaic energy provides you a cheap alternative to using and relying on only fossil fuels meaning you are helping the environment and your pocket in the process with a Solar PV installation.

At Eden Power, we are highly experienced and professional domestic PV installers and suppliers based in the Shrewsbury area and serving customers across the Mid West and entire UK. There is a common misconception about solar panels, people belive they require direct sunlight to work, but the real truth is that they only actually require daylight to work efficiently and effectively.

A South facing roof is ideal but even if you don’t have a south facing roof which is considered to be the ‘optimal’ position for solar panels, we can help in a number of ways to ensure we get the position right and working correctly. Our qualified PV installers can install a full system into your home, allowing you to reap the obvious financial benefits.

The financial benefits are clear to see it is possible to reduce your electricity bills by up to 50% whilst earning from the Feed-In Tariff. This means that any surplus energy you generate from your PV solar panels can be sold to the National Grid at favourable rates, this income is guaranteed for the next 20 years. Residential solar systems enable you to take control of your own energy needs, and can increase your family’s independence from expensive commercial utility providers and a solar system may even add a significant sum to the value of your house.

Don’t delay get in touc with Eden Power today find out more about how installing solar panels can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and have a great investment for your future earning from your Solar PV system year after year – why not contact us directly on 01743 861004 or 07832977037.