The Green Deal

If you want to learn a bit more about the UK Governments Green Deal here is a bit more information on it. The Green Deal has four main objectives:

1. To provide accredited advice and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes

2. Improve the energy efficiency at no upfront cost to the homeowner

3. To provide reassurance that improvements will be executed to the highest standards

4. To allow repayments to be made through energy bills, with the opportunity of switching supplier at any time

The key aspect here is that the Green Deal will open up energy efficiency measures to everyone, regardless of their financial standing, as there is no upfront cost involved.


This is carried out in your home or business premises by a Green Deal Advisor, registered with a Green Deal Assessor Organisation and may be subject to a charge.

They will:

• Assess for energy efficiency improvements and what financial savings can be made
• Outline how the payments will work
• Identify which improvements are likely to be cost effective
• Produce a Green Deal advice report outlining your options
• Declare any links they have with Green Deal Providers


Once the Green Deal Advisor has given you your report, you can take it to one or more Green Deal Providers who can provide you with a quote for the work.


Green Deal Finance allows you to pay back some or all of the cost of the improvements over time through your electricity bill. Your electricity supplier will pass your payments on to your Green Deal Provider. The amount you pay back will be no more than a typical household will save on heating bills, so you are likely to be better off overall from day one.