Solar Battery Storage

You may not know a lot about solar battery storage but you can trust us when we say it is the next big thing in the solar pv industry and a very good investment and upgrade to your existing or new solar pv system. Teaming up with world leading brand Solax we highly recommend the use of the new X-Hybrid solar battery storage  device if you decide you wish to go down the solar battery option, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider doing this…

Increase self-consumption to 80%+

– Further reduce energy bills

– Protect against power outages

– Export control

– Latest battery technology

– Charge your batteries with your export during the day without it affecting the FIT

– All include  Wi-fi monitoring for ultimate consumption control

This can be seen as an upgrade on an existing older solar pv inverter coupled with a facility of a battery storage function, a solar inverter is built to last but performance can reduce as the years go by as can be said about any electrical device. So an upgrade to this new solar battery storage technology with the innovative Solax X-Hybrid means you will have an intelligent energy storage management system and inverter combined that stores surplus energy in batteries for later use. Smart idea and smart investment!