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Solar Panel Installation

fbox1Eden Power LTD are industry leaders in the field of solar panel installation. We have fitted solar PV systems for many satisfied clients in the Ludlow, Herefordshire &
Shropshire areas covering Domestic & Commercial PV.

Our PV installation services are both affordable and professional, making us the Midwest’s first choice for solar panel installation & throughout the UK.


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How Solar PV Works

fbox2All solar energy works by converting light energy from the sun into electricity. By using solar panels to do this through a photovoltaic process (photo means light, while
voltaic refers to electricity).

We have a wealth of knowledge and information to sharewith you. If you want to find out more about how Solar PV works and how it can work and earn for you click below!


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Domestic PV

fbox3Eden Power LTD are experts in domestic and residential solar systems which can truly revolutionise your home’s energy consumption and way of life. We can help you
every step of the way.

We help you in choosing a good site to install your home solar panels professionally and efficiently along with expert advice for ongoing use and so much more.


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Solar PV Case Studies

fbox4Our professional solar panel installation engineers are available for both commercial & domestic sector installations and carry out all work to the highest possible standards.

Take a look at some of our satisfied customers and their take on how great a PV installation has been for them.


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